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We are a congregation of Christians who just seek to follow God’s will as we find it in the New Testament. Welcome to our site.  Here you can read Bible articles and listen to audio sermons.  If you are in the Tullahoma area, we would welcome your visit. You can find our times of services and a map in the menu above.

Latest Bible Articles

Worship, Music, and the New Testament

By Paul Smithson Most agree that God desires music to be offered up to Him in worship, but what kind? To answer this question we must search the Scriptures to see what God has authorized in His New Covenant. When one searches the New Testament Scriptures he finds that Matt....
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“Like The Creek In The Summertime”

by Paul Smithson While living in Florida I had the wonderful privilege of getting to know brother Robert F. Turner. Robert had a unique way of explaining things to make you think and remember. Besides the excellent bible teaching I received from him, I particularly enjoyed just...
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Seasonal Modesty

By Paul Smithson As summer temperatures rise standards of modesty seem to fall. Very few people, including many who claim to be Christians, are concerned about modesty.  We live in an age that glorifies immodesty and immorality. On almost every commercial advertisement, whether...
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Alcohol and Sin

By Paul Smithson   Alcohol is a device Satan uses to deceitfully destroy the lives and souls of many people. In the U.S. today, over 65 million people above the age of 20 drink alcoholic beverages. Alcoholism affects one out of three American families. America spends an...
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Blessed Are Those Who Are Persecuted: SFW31

This  the 4th and final lesson in our series on persecution: “Worthy to Suffer” In this lesson Bro. Smithson reviews the steps we can all take to adopt the proper view of persecution and what we can do to prepare to face persecution if it comes.   Other lessons...
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Do Not Be Surprised: SFW30

This is the third lesson in out series on Persecution: “Worthy to Suffer” In this lesson, Bro Smithson examines the prevalence of persecution in our world today.  He especially examines the increasing tide of persecutions here in the United States and reminds us that...
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Perilous Times Will Come: SFW29

This is the 2nd lesson in our series on Persecution: Perilous Times Will Come In this lesson, Bro Smithson continues reviews the history of persecution against God’s faithful from the close of the New Testament up to recent history. As a part of this review Bro Smithson...
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From the Blood of Abel: SFW28

This is the first lesson in our series on the topic of persecution: “Worthy to Suffer” In this lesson Bro. Smithson reviews the history of persecution we find recorded in the Bible.  From the beginning to to the first century, we find that God’s righteous people...
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