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We are a congregation of Christians who just seek to follow God’s will as we find it in the New Testament. Welcome to our site.  Here you can read Bible articles and listen to audio sermons.  If you are in the Tullahoma area, we would welcome your visit. You can find our times of services and a map in the menu above.

Latest Bible Articles

Learn More About the Bible in 2017

Looking for a Way to Learn More About the Bible in 2017? Why not subscribe to our new newsletter, Bible Note? Each week you will get a very brief Bible lesson along with a suggested Bible reading for the week. Topics will rotate between Old Testament stories, lessons from the...
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Buy The Truth And Sell It Not

By Paul Smithson From money to diamonds, almost everything of value has been counterfeited. The U.S. Secret Service reported it confiscated $25 million worth of counterfeit bills in one year alone. I wonder how many people have bought cubic zirconium for the real thing?  In a...
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Worship, Music, and the New Testament

By Paul Smithson Most agree that God desires music to be offered up to Him in worship, but what kind? To answer this question we must search the Scriptures to see what God has authorized in His New Covenant. When one searches the New Testament Scriptures he finds that Matt....
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“Like The Creek In The Summertime”

by Paul Smithson While living in Florida I had the wonderful privilege of getting to know brother Robert F. Turner. Robert had a unique way of explaining things to make you think and remember. Besides the excellent bible teaching I received from him, I particularly enjoyed just...
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From the Blood of Abel: SFW28

This is the first lesson in our series on the topic of persecution: “Worthy to Suffer” In this lesson Bro. Smithson reviews the history of persecution we find recorded in the Bible.  From the beginning to to the first century, we find that God’s righteous people...
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Why do So Few Enter the Strait and Narrow Way? SFW27

This is the 7th sermon in our Spring 2015 Gospel Meeting with Johnie Edwards. In this sermon Bro. Edwards examines the question of why so few people enter the “narrow way” as described by Jesus in Matthew 7:13-14. Why do so few enter the strait and narrow way? 1...
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What Makes a Church Grow? – SFW26

This is the sixth lesson of our Gospel Meeting with Johnie Edwards.  In this lesson Bro. Edwards presents six requirements for the growth of a local church. Churches grow when: 1)  You put the seed in the soil.  (Luke 8:11-15,  Haggai 2:19) 2) The church practices discipline...
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Why Send Ananias? – SFW25

This is the 5th lesson from our Spring 2015 Gospel meeting with speaker Johnie Edwards. In this lesson Bro. Edwards examines carefully the conversion of the Apostle Paul who was taught by a Christian named Ananias. Key Passage: Acts 9:10-11 There was no need to send Ananias to...
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